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Flatland Slo-mo

Posted in BMX, Inspiration, Random, Uncategorized, video with tags , , , , on June 26, 2009 by Jason Craig

Check out this slo-mo video of Terry Adams riding flatland. It’s cool to see it like this ’cause in real time most of the intricacies get lost in the speed of the tricks. (have to admit though, after a couple minutes I was wishing to see if full speed)
Unfortunately I have the balance of a retarded 4 year old, so I wont be learning these moves anytime soon.

ps. holy crap , I can’t believe I finally figured out how to embed Vimeo in WordPress…I’m no longer a hostage to Youtube’s ‘less than inspiring’ quality issues.

Terry Adams at Myth Night Club from Buck on Vimeo.

Road Fools

Posted in BMX, Inspiration, Movie, Uncategorized, video with tags , , on June 6, 2009 by Jason Craig

I nabbed this trailer off thecomeup site this morning. it’s from an upcoming vid called “Best of Road Fools Vol.4”

If you need me I’ll be outside trying to manual for more that 10 feet. (bmx humour)

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