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It’s only 3 minutes…peep it.

Rare STAR WARS pics

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check out this goldmine of rare STAR WARS pics!  I wish I could whip out a photo of me one day and say  “Yo, check out this picture of me riding a DEWBACK on TATOOINE! (actually Tunisia)


What if Greedo shot first?!

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I got this awesome pic of an original sealed Greedo from some crazy article I was reading yesterday called “what if Greedo shot first?” which basically was hypothesizing how Star Wars would have been different if Greedo had shot and killed Han in the cantina scene instead of the other way around. It was pretty funny, but seriously who has time to come up with this stuff?!  You could ask this question about almost every scene in the movie (and I’m sure I will start to)…which leads me to the the next obvious storyline question…”What if C3-PO was straight?”

ps. if remember correctly, the Greedo and Han Solo figures came packaged with the same blaster,… coincidence? (call me on it if I’m wrong)

pps. does anyone else love the old Kenner logo?



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Road Fools

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I nabbed this trailer off thecomeup site this morning. it’s from an upcoming vid called “Best of Road Fools Vol.4”

If you need me I’ll be outside trying to manual for more that 10 feet. (bmx humour)


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I went and saw TYSON last night. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was a pretty good movie altogether. The main thing that surprised me was that the whole movie seemed to be based on 2 really long in-depth interviews with Mike himself. So it’s really the story about Mike told by Mike. Parts of the film are really sad, like when he tears up and can’t even finish his sentence while talking about the Loss of Cus D’Amato and what it meant to to be the heavyweight champ of the world holding all 3 belts simultaniously. Parts of the film are funny, and parts of the film are downright scary, like when he gives the world a small glimpse of the rage he holds inside after being in the joint for 3 years at a press conference. Whatever your opinion of this fallen Champion, it’s a pretty neat look into the life of Iron Mike. 7.5/10


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson today

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