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Force for 50 cents.

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I went to Victoria this weekend for some family time and to my surprise, I found that Vader not only can choke you out without touching you but he can play a mean classical tune on a violin as well. I gave him 50 cents for his skills and a nickel for the Galactic Empire’s death star rebuild which, they are currently working on. He happily accepted my offering and said don’t tell the Emperor.



Even Princess’s take breaks.

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Here’s a classic shot of Princess Leia and her lesbian body double taking a nap just after they made sweet passionate love in Jabba’s hut.leia-thumb-550x413-27891

Same old thing on my block..

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I thought I would share some awesome fashion from my environments at home and work. What kind of radness is in your environment? Post it up and comment bug Jay to make it a contest for something free.AwesomeIts even more awesome because its 2009.One Piece

I m thinking this could even make it to the Vice Do’s and Don’ts section. I tried to get a front shot of him and in a lighting fast Emily Carr  way the dude lunged forward with a growl at me and the jig was up. Either way hes wearing a full one piece orange faux mechanic suit with finely polished tuxedo shoes with no socks and velvet elbow high black gloves. The look is completed with a girls back pack from 1992 when it was cool to wear a backpack on one should like in Juice. A guys back pack for a guy and girl for girl…obviously.

AUGUST 20/20 with Aaron Mallin

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We asked our bud Aaron Mallin 20 questions and his answers had to be 20 words or less.



1.Who are you, where do you live, and what do you do?

My name is Aaron Mallin, I live in the nexus of Vancouver, Granville and Broadway. I am a Director.

2. What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is dinner eating breakfast food.

3. What is your favorite Hangover meal?

Cafe Barney on 14 and Granville Eggs Benny.

4. Do you collect anything?

I like collecting business cards and shrunken heads.

5. How do you relax, or what do you do in your downtime?

In my down time i write or build models, skate/bike, read comics play video games watch movies.

6. Any new albums or artists that you’re digging right now?

Im definitely ready for the Slaughter House record, locally I m into Emotionz, Matt Brevner, Cut Copy’s album

7. Go hit shuffle on your ipod or itunes…what’s the first song that comes on?

Hit Shuffle and i got AZ AWOL.

8. Do you have a musical guilty pleasure?

Zero 7/ Master P Ghetto D

9. What albums would you like to have on a desert island?

NIN Downward Spiral, Alice in Chains Self tilted , Jay Z Black Album, 2Pac All Eyez, Beatles White Album,Tool Ænima

10. What movies would you like to have on a desert island?

Casino, Apocalypse Now, American Beauty, Across the Universe, / TV shows Curb Your Enthusiam, Californication, The Wire,

11. Any favorite clothing brands?

10 Deep, Supra, Mishka,

12. Any clothing brands you think are way over rated?

Biggest problem facing the world is Christian Audgier and Ed Hardy and those ugly jeans with the pointed backpocket flaps.

13. Flat brim or curved brim?

Flat on a Fitted, semi bent on a five panel

14. What are your favorite places in the world?

Barcelona, and there will be more im sure.

15. What magazines do you always read?

Blender, Concrete Powder, Cine FX,

16. What projects are you currently working on?

Handful of Music Videos and a short film, photo exibit, clothing, some design,

17. Who would you like to play you in a movie about your life?

Andy Garcia

18. Who or what inspires you?

Life’s qwerks. Skateboarding. Girls/partying. Family. Comics.

19. How do you get around?

1994 Volvo, Bike, Skateboard, Walking.

20. What are your most prized possessions?

Notebooks, Door my friend painted me of Jim Morrison. Realy old toys with picts of naked chicks from Grandpa. Family.


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Heres some fun photography tricks you can do from the right height and angle and some photoshop knowledge. Fun times.NYLA

Trooper Chain.

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Regardless of the fact he copped a plea, regardless of the fact he couldnt think of anything else to do with the hottest girl in the world beside beat her. He has the dopest chain on the block.Trooper Chain.

Fun to stay…

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So I thought being as this blog has alot of influence from Star Wars, I would put up a post every so often to show yet another cool way for Star Wars to keep itself in the pocket of pop culture. Here is number 6,998,484.2 on how Star Wars stays cozy in that pocket.
Stormtrooper YMCA

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