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Picasso Exhibition

Posted in Celebrity, Christa Craig, Domestic, Inspiration with tags , , , , on November 28, 2010 by christacraig

I went and saw the Picasso exhibit in Seattle at the Seattle Art Museum recently…it was amazing. Eight decades of his work were represented there. The exhibit is on until January 17th. Here are a few of my favorites – Portrait of Dora Mar, The Matador, and Reading…

Domestic Premium Graphic T’s SPRING 2010

Posted in Design, Domestic, Family, Friends, Jason Craig, Music, Photo, Rap, Star Wars, Streetwear, T-shirts with tags , , , , , on April 4, 2010 by Jason Craig

Here is the soon to be available Spring 2010 line-up. The shirts are at the printers now and will be for sale in select colorways online. These will sell out fast, so don’t wait to buy them! A photoshoot & lookbook will also be posted when the T’s are ready…

Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010Domestic Spring 2010

Fashion meets hotel

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I love to see fashion in places beyond clothing. One of the first fashion designers to inspire designer hotels was icon Salvatore Ferragamo. His family owns and operates an incredible small group of boutique hotels in Florence and Rome. His family has been able to continue his creativity, passion, and original flare throughout these properties. I am particularily impressed by Continentale and Gallery Hotel Art at  salvatore_ferragam_1357922i 1continentaleds_12des_continental2

Things I love – Wally power yacht 118

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I always appreciate good design, especially when it comes to luxury items. A couple of years ago I was just outside of Vancouver on a friends sailboat. I saw a smaller version of this coming through the water. I fell in love the moment I saw it. Before Phillippe Stark and Norman Foster started designing yachts there was really only Wally creating ultra modern deluxe yachts. I would have to say they are still my personal favorite.


Well Played

Posted in Design, ideas, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 11, 2009 by Jason Craig

I rarely will comment on other company’s graphics but I have to show some love to this one by 10 deep. I have been wanting to do a Karl Lagerfeld inspired design for a couple years now, but as the saying goes…”you snooze , you lose” It’s certainly not the first time I have been beaten to the punch on a graphic idea, everything moves so fast that you can almost guarantee if you think up a great  idea (doesn’t happen very often to me), someone else already has too and it’s just a race to see who gets it done first. A saying that I find rings more true everyday is “if it isn’t on the internet, it never happened” Another reason I like this is because I had an idea recently to do a Roy Orbison/Terminator Mash-up T! (in hindsight a completely rubbish idea)




it’s on

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Welcome to the new Domestic Blog. This is the new spot for what’s going on with Domestic and it’s crew.


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