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Force for 50 cents.

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I went to Victoria this weekend for some family time and to my surprise, I found that Vader not only can choke you out without touching you but he can play a mean classical tune on a violin as well. I gave him 50 cents for his skills and a nickel for the Galactic Empire’s death star rebuild which, they are currently working on. He happily accepted my offering and said don’t tell the Emperor.




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I went to Seattle last weekend and when going past the ship yard I couldn t help notice that the container mover thing looked alot like something else.. Coincidence?

MOM! They’re not DOLLS, They’re ACTION FIGURES!

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Peep out this dudes collection of figures…It’s so epic that I wont even dock him points for collecting the newer shtuff!


Star Wars Figures

since were on the topic…

kids vader mask

xwing accident

warhol stormtrooper

stormtroper evil

star wars comic


lucas and Hammil







star wars cast

Rip Your Sleeves Off.

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First update of 2010 and its not about Star Wars. Yeah right. I’m lying it is. Recently in a British Court it was ruled that Lucas Film could not enforce its copyright in Britain. Lucas Film then tried to appeal the decision but Lord Justices Rix dismissed Lucasfilm’s appeal, saying that the helmet and armour had a “utilitarian” rather than artistic purpose. The highlight from the article is “Mr Ainsworth made 50 helmets, for which he was paid £20 each. He also made equipment for other characters, earning about £30,000 from the Star Wars films this opposed to Lucasfilm’s earnings from merchandise is estimated at more than $10 billion.” Mr. Ainsworth the creator of the stuff is also quoted as saying “We just made it on spec. I didn’t even know it was for a film to begin with”. Classic.cited from the times

Even Princess’s take breaks.

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Here’s a classic shot of Princess Leia and her lesbian body double taking a nap just after they made sweet passionate love in Jabba’s hut.leia-thumb-550x413-27891

Bossk stencil WTF!

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70 inch, 4 color, hand cut BOSSK STENCIL by the handsome MC DEATH BEAR ha. I hope you all know who BOSSK is (if you don’t I doubt we can be friends) but either way he is one of the Bounty Hunters from Star Wars. I still need to touch it up and add some splatter paint to the background but it started to rain and I just really want to post some pictures already ha. If anyone is interested in buying this once its done e-mail me


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MC DEATH BEAR’s newest flash cartoon… get ready for some EPIC

Videos of some voice recording sessions under the cut
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